A Great New Option for Fine Detail HTV on Performance Wear

If you are in the garment decoration business, and have been for more than a week, I'm sure you are all too familiar with customer demands for "performance wear" (i.e. athletic materials like polyester, spandex, lycra, nylon, etc.).  Garments that used to be exclusive to "work-out wear" are now forming their own, new category of fashion some refer to as "athleisure".  And, if you're like me, you are embracing this trend...because this stuff is COMFY!!!

With this new trend, come the orders for customization....add the personalized touch like a name or phrase, an image or logo, some sparkle or glitter or bling, or any combination thereof.  

But not all of these materials and garments are suitable for every type of traditional decoration process, especially some of the heat applied processes like Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV).  Many of these performance materials do not respond well to extreme heat and pressure...(this is where we could add a whole other conversation about "scorch marks" and the importance of testing your materials before diving into your customer's order.....)

Recently, however, Stahls introduced their Premium Plus HTV with a new "high tack" backing or carrier.  This new high tack carrier allows for finer detail on your designs, an option that didn't always work out very well on the older, lower tack carrier.  Couple this new high tack HTV with a new blade in your cutter, and you can offer your customers some highly detailed designs for their favorite "athleisure" garments!!!  

We were super happy with how these turned out, and have likely found our new "go-to" HTV for all our performance wear orders.  If you're in the garment decoration business and regularly take orders for performance wear, check out the new Premium Plus High Tack HTV from Stahls....you won't be disappointed.

Take a look at these American Flags we cut for a sleeve print on some Sport-Tek Posicharge T-shirts (available through SanMar).  Check out those stars!!!

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